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A Fan.

So, my name is Marjorye Dewsnap and I am a fan.

You may not know who your band is yet, or you're just starting to listen. Of course, you may be lucky enough to have found it. Wherever you are, I bet you know what it means to be a fan. That heart-wrenchingly, soul-repairingly (shh, it's a real word now), good feeling of listening to music that seems to fill you up.

I mean, have you ever had an instance of listening to music and you just completely believe in it? That this music is, for lack of a better word (plus I like it), delicious. You can listen to it so many times and it never gets old, it's truth always pervades.

I guess this is the expected turn in my writing when I bring up WD-Han, but I don't mean for it to be cheesy! I just have to get it out there that these guys have it. I mean, they really have it. 

Each song gets better the more I listen to them, each show has more energy put into it, each practice there's some development. WD-Han continues to grow not only in talent but also companionship. They're all so welcoming of fans, I mean, all four of them really care about every single person who listens to their music. 

I can't exactly explain how much I love these four. Expect more from me in the future, maybe with less cheese and more salsa though.

[give 'em a listen, find your band.]

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