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Cal's Favorite Guitar Album(s) of the Moment #2!

Hello again everyone! Here's the second of many of my favorite guitar albums:

This one is by a bluesman who's been around since the 80's. I only just started listening to his music after I heard a cover of the song "Back Door Slam" on youtube. It just so happens to be one of the greatest blues songs of all time. No lie. Pure truth. After hearing it-, I was hooked.

This guy even has his own Fender Signature Series Strat! And rightly so! After you hear this album, you'll agree too. :)

The album is: The Robert Cray Band / Live from Across the Pond. Track listing is: Phone Booth, Poor Johnny, Our Last Time, Right Next Door (Because of Me), 12 Year Old Boy,  I Guess I Showed Her, The Things You Do to Me, I Was Warned, Twenty, Bad Influence, The One in the Middle, Back Door Slam, Time Makes Two and I'm Walkin'.

This two-disc collection shows Cray at his best at the Royal Albert Hall in 2005.

My faves are: Phone Booth (when he starts his second solo, stops and says "It's freezin' out here" and then continues soloing - wow!), Poor Johnny, (of course) Right Next Door (Because of Me), 12 Year Old Boy, Back Door Slam (one of my favorite blues songs) and I'm Walkin' (a fantastic song to end the CD with).

There you go, enjoy! Play it loud when you're driving, when you're at your house, everywhere!

Until next time,


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