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WD-HAN on National TV!!!

That's right, WD-HAN was asked to perform a song from our EP acoustically on the Nationally Syndicated TV show, "Daytime".
This morning we traveled out to Tampa to the NBC studios, where we donned the TV make-up and rocked a rendition of "Color of Friend", which was followed by a short interview. We all had an AMAZING time and we're excited to see the show!
Things all dovetailed very nicely with our "Tunes for 10,000" campaign, (don't forget to like our page! as we played acoustically. We're so honored to have been on the show and thanks to Jason, Victoria and Deanna and the rest of the crew on set! You're all the best!!!

Our segment will be airing on the Daytime show on Thursday, September 16 at 10am for Tampa Bay. Below this post is a guide with the channels and times for other areas.

Don't forget to tune in or set your Tivos!!!

Rock on,

STATION LINE UP as of July 1st, 2009 - US Coverage

New York (July 1st)  WSAH 42  M-F  9a-10a
Los Angleles  KHIZ 41  M-F  9a-10a
Philadelphia  WFMZ 46  M-F  9a-10a
San Franciso, CA  KRON-DT 4.1  M-F  10a-11a
Dallas, TX  KLDT-DT 54.1  M-F  10a-11a
Boston 6/1/09  WMFP 18  M-F  9-10a
Atlanta  WSB-DT 2.2  M-F  9-10a
Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)  WJAL 68  M-F  9-10a
Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)  WJLA-DT 7.2  M-F  9-10a
Houston, TX  KNWS-DT 51.1  M-F  10a-11a
Detroit  WXYZ-DT 7.2  M-F  7-8a
Phoenix  KAZT-DT 7.2  M-F  9a-10a
Seattle-Tacoma  KIRO-DT 7.2  M-F  9-10a
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), FL  WFLA 8  M-F  10a-11a
Tampa-St. Pete (Sarasota), FL  WFLA-DT 8.2  M-F  9-10a
Miami DMA (Key West, FL)  WEYW 19  M-F  9-10a
Denver  KCDO 23  M-F  10a-11a
Cleveland, Ohio  WAOH 29  M-F  9-10a
Orlando  WRDQ-DT 27.2  M-F  9-10a
St Louis  WPXS 21  M-F  9-10a
Portland, Oregon  KSLM-DT 17.2  M-F  10a-11a
Pittsburgh  WPXI-DT 11.1  M-F  9-10a
Charlotte, NC  WMYT 55.1  M-F  9-10a
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle), NC  WNCN 17  M-F  12p-1p
Raleigh-Durham (Fayetvlle), NC  WRAZ-DT 50.2  M-F  9-10a
Nashville  WKRP 6  M-F  9-10a
Hartfod, CN  WRNT 48  M-F  9-10a
Columbus, OH  WCMH-DT 4.2  M-F  9-10a
Salt Lake City  KUSG 12  M-F  9-10a
Cincinnati, Ohio  WBQC/WKRP 38  M-F  2p-3p
San Antonio  KVAC 14  M-F  10-11a
West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce, FL  WTVX-DT 34.3  M-F  10-11a
Harrisburg-Lncstr-Leb  WHTM-DT 27.2  M-F  9-10a
Birmingham, AL  WVTM 13.3  M-F  10-11a
Las Vegas (Pahrump),  KPVM 41  M-F  11-12p
Las Vegas, NV  KEGS 30  M-F  10-11a
Jacksonville, Florida  WAWS 30.2  M-F  9-10a
Memphis, TN  WLMT-DT 30.2  M-F  9-10a
Austin  KEYE-DT 42.2  M-F  10a-11a
Louisville, KY  (July 1st) WBNA 8  M-F  9-10a
Buffalo  WGRZ 2.3  M-F  9-10a
Providence-New Bedford  WJAR-DT 10.2  M-F  9-10a
Fresno-Visalia  KAIL-DT 7.1  M-F  9-10a
Little Rock, Ar (7/1/09)  KATV 22  M-F  10a-11a
Albany  WTEN-DT 10.3  M-F  9-10a
Knoxville  WMAK 7  M-F  10a-11a
Mobile-Pensacola  WKRG-DT 5.3  M-F  9-10a
Tulsa  KTUL-DT 8.2  M-F  9-10a
Roanoke-Lynchburg  WSET-DT 13.2  M-F  9-10a
Wichita-Hutchinson, Kansas  KGPT 49  M-F  9a-10a
Green Bay  WBAY-DT 2.3  M-F  9-10a
Des Moines-Ames  WOI-TV DT 5.2  M-F  9-10a
Toledo  WNWO 24.2  M-F  9-10a
Columbia, South Carolina  WKTC 39  M-F  9-10a
Shreveport, LA  KSHV 44  M-F  10a-11a
Champaign&Sprngfld-Decatur  WRSP 27.2  M-F  9-10a
Huntsville  WHNT 19.2  M-F  8a-9a
Madison  WKOW 27.2  M-F  9-10a
Chattanooga  WRCB-TV 3.2  M-F  9-10a
Harlingen-Wslco-Brnsvl-McA  KRGV-DT 5.3  M-F  9-10a
Cedar Rapids-Waterloo  KWWL-DT 7.3  M-F  9-10a
Jackson, MS  WJTV 12.2  M-F  9-10a
South Bend-Elkhart  WSJV 28.2  M-F  9-10a
Tri-Cities, Kinsport  WKPT 19.2  M-F  9-10a
Burlington, VT  WCWF 40  M-F  9-10a
Baton Rouge  KZUP 19  M-F  8-9a
Savannah, Georgia  WSAV 3  M-F  1130a-12p
Savannah, Georgia  WSAV-DT 3.2  M-F  9-10a
Davenport-Rock Island  WHBF-DT 4.2  M-F  9-10a
El Paso  KFOX-DT2 14.2  M-F  9-10a
Charleston, South Carolina  WCBD 2  M-F  11:30-12:30
Johnstown-Altoona, PA  WJAC-TV DT 6.2  M-F  10a-11a
Evansville, IN  WEHT-DT 25.2  M-F  9-10a
Myrtle Beach-Florence  WBTW-DT 13.2  M-F  9-10a
Lincoln-Hastings-Krny  KLKN-DT 8.2  M-F  9-10a
Reno  KRXI-DT 11.2  M-F  9-10a
Tyler-Longview  KYTX 19.3  M-F  10a-11a
Boise  KKJB 39  M-F  9-10a
Sioux Falls  KWSD-DT 36.2  M-F  10a-11a
Augusta  WJBF-DT 6.2  M-F  9-10a
Traverse City-Cadillac  WJBF-DT 12  M-F  9-10a
Montgomery-Selma  WSFA-DT 12.3  M-F  9-10a
Santa Barbara  KEYT-DT 3.2  M-F  9-10a
Lafayette, LA  KDCG 22  M-F  8-9a
Monterey-Salinas  KYMB 27  M-F  9-10a
La Crosse-Eau Claire  WXOW 19.2  M-F  9-10a
Columbus, GA (Opelika, AL)  WRBL 3  M-F  10a-11a
Corpus Christi, TX  KXPX 14  M-F  10a-11a
Rockford  WREX 13.2  M-F  9-10a
Wilmington  WREX 13.2  M-F  9-10a
Wausau/Rhinelander  WAOW-WYOW 9.2  M-F  10a-11a
Duluth, MN  WDIO/WIRT 10.2  M-F  10a-11a
Beaumont, TX  KUMY 22  M-F  10-11a
Palm Springs  KRET-CA 45.2  M-F  9-10a
Salisbury, Deleware/Maryland  WRDE 31.2  M-F  9-10a
Joplin, MO  KJPX 47  M-F  10a-11a
Sioux City  KTIV 4.2  M-F  9-10a
Anchorage  KYES 5.2  M-F  9-10a
Rochester/Mason City MN  KXLT 47.1  M-F  10a-11a
Bluefiled/Bckley/Oak Hill  WVVA 6.3  M-F  10-11a
Wheeling-Stubenville  WTOV-DT 9.2  M-F  9-10a
Idaho Fals-Pocatllo (Jcksn)  KPIF  M-F  9-10a
Gainesville, FL  WMYG 11  M-F  6A-7A
Gainesville, FL  WNBW 9  M-F  10a-11a
Biloxi, MS  WKFK 7.2  M-F  10-11a
Rapid City  KOTA 3.2  M-F  9-10a
Alexandria, LA  KALB 5  M-F  9-10a
Alexandria, LA  KWCE 27  M-F  10-11a
Meridan, MS  WGBC-DT 31  M-F  10a-11a
2nd Q 2009 TOTAL STATION COVERAGE 81,439,320

**All Times/Markets/Stations subject to change without notice

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