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CDs vs. iTunes?

This is a tough question, because there are definitely plus points to CDs and plus points to buying music online. One great thing about iTunes is that it practically saved the music industry by allowing everyone to buy music online at a very low price. It’s much more ethical than sites created to steal music from artists who worked extremely hard to create it in the first place. Without iTunes coming up with a solution there was no exchange and everyone was unhappy.

When you absolutely can’t wait for the music I can understand and recommend buying online, like I did with Third Eye Blind's album “Out of the Vein” and Mark Knopfler's “The Ragpicker’s Dream”. (Both great albums by the way!)

Now, there’s also something about going to the store and buying a CD from a band you love, going home and playing it loud! Reading the lyrics, notes from the band, looking at the pictures, etc. That’s the one downside to iTunes and buying music online. I know you can buy the album and get the liner notes that way (but you can’t get them with every album for some reason) but I personally like having the physical copy of the album.

All in all, I love that I can go to the store and buy the album and I love that I can buy it at home or wherever I am with my computer.

Which do you prefer?

- Cal Henry

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