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So I figured that I would use this blog to share some other create than music. Not sure anyone reads this at all, but perhaps this will be one of those things that only hardcore fans know in the coming years...who knows?

Anyway, I write poetry. As the lyricist of WD HAN, my favorite way to write is to take one of my poems and adapt it and look at it in a whole new way through the music. It's an awesome way to look at the point I was trying to make creatively in a whole new way.

This poem is called "Stellar" and the song "Class Project Earth" lyrics were based on it. Hope you like it.

Front man

Gaze ascending as the sun recedes

Wonderment at wonders one sees

The Dippers, Orion and Centaur

Just fireflies to be caught in a jar?

Or do I believe sermons of priests?

There resides The sacrosanct beast

Stars were created by greater good

By He who cannot be understood

Or should I put faith in white coats?

A plastic capsule stuck mid-throat?

Men who sell theories as sober fact

Question them, get Big-Bang back

They have constellations explained;

Soil and stars are one and the same!

Maybe arrogance is our truth-eclipse

Man's course set in ignorant ellipse

Maybe those little points in the sky

Are reflections of millions of eyes

From microscope lenses aimed at us

Class project "Earth" earns A plus

Yet, in the end, when the dust falls

As I lie content, admiring them all

I don't care from where they came

I only mind that my friends remain

For as I engage in stellar interplay

This-worldly problems shrink away

I see a view more than me and mine

I see setting suns continue to shine

Ever seen that in Bible or textbook?

Neither. You're invited up to look.

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  1. So, where can I read more of your works?

    Don Dewsnap