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You don't have to be rude to play rock music...

Seems that the agreement is that to be a rock musician these days, you have to be at least a little "dark" or at least have some form of emotional trauma evident in the music, the look, the attitude. The obvious extreme of this is the music that sounds like a metal workshop in full operation with a scream and a moan here and there for kicks, but it is still evident all over.

Each to their own I guess, but in my opinion it takes true artistry to create whole cloth and convey the emotion you're trying to.

Most would be in the agony of heartbreak and write about it, but what about the musician who is in a happy relationship or single and can write the song that makes everyone feel that emotion anyway?

I'm not saying our band or I am there yet (after all, we're not the judges of that, the person listening is) but that's sure where I want to be.

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