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Just wanted to say...

We went back into the studio on Saturday to add some tasty guitar bits to Inside and Chasing the Sun! (As well as some background vocals!) It was awesome.

But at first I felt a bit offended by having to go in there and only record guitar pieces. (My thought was, "Why am I the only one who needs to rerecord or add some bits?! What I recorded sounds awesome already!") But that was the COMPLETELY wrong feeling to have about going back into the studio!

 The thing I realized and wanted to tell everyone is that I love making music with Fo, Spence and Lea! Because thinking about it, we don't just go for the cookie-cutter choruses and verses - we add more to our songs than that and make them completely mind-blowing!

So there are two things I want to get out in the open so everyone knows and isn't confused:

I love recording in the studio!

And most importantly, I love my band!


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  1. That's awesome! The licks you lay down are the BEST in the game! (That's what she said.)