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Are you ready to hear WD-Han’s EP? ….. So are we!

How can you help? Well, we’re doing a ton of fundraisers right now, but there’s one where you can make a real difference.

Mary Campbell (the drummer’s ((aka Lea)) mom) has made hundreds of purses in the past, and has started again. (This time, she’s even thrown in some very cute aprons.) She has volunteered to sponsor WD-Han’s EP with all profits from her creations.

Have a birthday coming up for your mom or grandma? Been looking for a great, yet inexpensive, beach bag? Wait, I got it. You got sooo into baking that you’ve ruined ALL your clothes and so now you realize that you have to have an apron…. whatever the case may be, the fact remains that we need your help, and this is a great win-win way to provide it.

Take a look here to see everything she’s come up with:

Thanks so much….as soon as we set a date for our Release, you’ll be the first to know! :)


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