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WD-Han's ADD (Acronym Dictionary Delux)

EP - Extended Play - A CD with 3-7 songs on it designed to give you the taste of a band. This is called an extended play because it is one step up from a Single (which has 1-2 songs on it), and thus give a more extended look into the bands music.

LP - Long Play - A long play CD is a full album. It is designed to fully capture that bands period of growth. It can have as many songs as the band desires. HISTORY: LP's were originally all vinyl records that only spun at 331/2 revolutions per minute.

WD-Han - We Don't Have A Name - We don't need one...our music says enough.

SRV - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar Legend. Huge influence of Cal, Spencer, Forrest and Lea. ---------------->

STSF - Street Team Street Fight - This is what happens when two street team members (band supporters) get in an arguement over who's the best WD-Han band member. When this occurs one must declare, "STREET TEAM STREET FIGHT!" at which point both members run to the street and assume their fighting possitions.

TGBE - The Greatest Band Ever - WD-Han

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