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New Lyrics...

Hey everyone! We're currently working on 2 new songs!

We have one that's a little more more edgy and modernish (whatever the hell that'll just have to hear it when it's done to know what I'm talking about) and another that's a really great acoustic song.

For the acoustic one Cal came in to practice a couple of weeks ago and played this mind-bendingly pretty chord progression and we all instantly LOVED it!

Anyway, I know this sounds contrived, but I swear it's true... I was just randomly writing some lyrics last week and whaddaya know? These one's fit perfectly with Cal's acoustic song!

These're a draft and may get changed around for the final song, but here's what I've got so far. :)

At the shoreline
Nothin on the line
Where the waves don't
Say hello or goodbye
Where the weather's the same for us all
And it doesn't hurt when you fall

I was runnin away
And fallin down
But that kind of thing is ok
On this side of town

I was chasin the dream
Now I'll settle for the sun
I'll slow right down and have some fun
I was hopin' for change
Now I've made one
Now I dont care I hope I'll get something done

At the shoreline
Forget problems of mine
Where the waves don't
Say hello or goodbye
Where you can just get lost in time
And it doesn't hurt when you fall


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