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We just got home from the FIRST concert on 3EB's new Ursa Major tour!!! It was the most amazing concert ever and it's such a great experience for us to see artists at the top of their game in action.

On the really, really long shot that any of you guys in Third Eye Blind get to see this, we have a couple of things to say:

First: Thanks for being cool enough to pick up our CD onstage. You didn't have to do that! We know it would've been easy to just ignore us.

Second: Hope the pinwheel was fun! Stage props are always nice....

Third: Of course, you don't owe us anything. If you've gotten this far or even heard ten seconds of any of our music then you've done more then we would ever dream. Hopefully you can understand that after years and years, and thousands and thousands of plays between us of your tracks and all the enjoyment you've given us, we're hoping maybe we can return the favor for a just few minutes.

We love you guys, thanks SO MUCH for being the best.

With admiration,

- Spence & Lea
of WD-Han

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