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Third Eye Blind: The Full Story

Let me start the story by saying, last night was awesome.

Yesterday was the day that we had all been looking forward to: THIRD EYE BLIND. It was their first concert of their Ursa Major tour - destined to be, fated to be, promised to be, whatever word you want we knew it was going to be a great show!

Around 3 PM I had an idea...people throw things on stage all the time, why not just get WD-Han’s EP up there? Even if they don’t take it, even if they get them all the time, blah, blah, blah SO WHAT? WD-Han is AWESOME and Third Eye Blind is AWESOME therefore they should be awesome together. Despite a little bit of being laughed at, I burned 3 copies of WD-Han’s EP.

Lea came into the office, and with a stroke of brilliance, wrote notes for the front of the CD. These were not ordinary notes, these let 3EB know how much she (and we) loved, admired and respected them. They were stapled on the front and we were ready to roll...almost.

Out of hundreds, maybe thousands, of CD’s pushed to them every year, how do you make yours stand out? What game can you play, how creative can you get to get these unbelievable people to notice yours? At Cal’s house, I saw a pinwheel....

Oh yes. We brought the pinwheel. Oh yes. We tied that EP to the pinwheel. (I bet you can see where I’m going with this....) Oh yes. We tossed that pinwheel/EP on stage. AND OH YES. He picked that up!!!!

Let the games begin.

He picked it up, and began to use the pinwheel. Seeing the writing (YAY LEA!) he began to untie it. Not being able to quick enough, he let the pinwheel fall. WHAT!? Okay well, he could still pick it up....

And that he did, no less than three more times!!! The big question was, would he take it off stage with him after the encore? Two songs into the encore, he picked it up. Was this the moment? They were all heading off stage...saying goodbye to the crowd...don’t drop it, don’t drop it - NO! He dropped it.

Wait, he’s walking over to his guitar. They’re doing another song? (At this point, they got everyone in the crowd to sing the “whoaohwhoaaaaohwhoaaa!” from Bonfire.) Okay...walking off stage again...please pick up the pinwheel, please pick up the pinwheel, is he going to pick up that pinwheel?

Answer. Yes.

So, to 3EB: you are an amazing band. Your shows are unforgettable and your songs communicate. You’ve directly inspired and influenced WD-Han, for which we are ever grateful. Our gift to you was given to return the favor, ENJOY!


- Marjorye

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