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Remember the State Theater show? Did you notice anything different that night...?

First off, for everyone who came to the State Theater show a big hearty thank you! I do realize that this was a few months ago, and seems a little random but bear with me. That show was so great for multiple reasons, a few are listed below.

1.) It was funny to be the only non-screamo/death metal band there.

2.) It was at the State Theater! A well-known venue, with a history of big name acts touring through and playing there.

3.) Everyone we love and all of our fans really came together for this show. We asked for your help and you responded in a BIG way by helping us sell so many tickets. This was not unrecognized and meant a lot to us.

4.) Something about the music that night, something about our playing was different....

Who noticed the fact that there was an extra person on the stage? Aaron Meekcoms played rhythm guitar that night and the sound expanded to another level. 

That got everyone thinking...what about...what if...should Aaron be invited into the band?

Resounding: yes.

Would Aaron accept?


Everyone please welcome to the band, new rhythm guitarist, Aaron Meekcoms!

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