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"Local Band WD-Han Releases First Album"

Tampa Bay rock band WD-Han (which stands for “We Don’t Have A Name”) released their album Class Project Earth to a full house at Pangea Café in Downtown Clearwater on December 4th.

WD-Han's Class Project Earth gives a more extended look into the bands music. The songs have a place for everyone as they're a solid mix of a great set of genres. From rock to classic rock, blues to funk this album is a roller coaster of sound, emotion and communication.

An acoustic act with Steve Valtin and Jessica Greenwood opened the show at Pangea and set the atmosphere and by the time they ended, everyone was ready for the band who "doesn't have a name." With nearly 90 people at the show, the professionalism and enthusiasm was a refreshing look at what live music should be.

WD-Han played a full hour of originals, covers (Jet, Jimi Hendrix and Third Eye Blind to name a few) and even combinations of both. They were interactive with the audience, telling jokes on top of playing great music.

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Article posted on the Tampa Bay Informer - "The Good News Newspaper"

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