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EP Show Last Night / Winter Wonderland Today

Hey all,

Thank you SO much to those who made it out last night. It made last night unforgettable and was one of our best shows ever - you made it that way!

If you have photos that you took from last night, e-mail them in to - We're going to make an album of fan photos and have a voting contest for the best one. The winner will get a custom WD-Han t-shirt!

NEXT. Is that today we will be playing at Winter Wonderland (unless it starts raining really hard again...) at 4pm! It's a FREE show and a follow up to last night. So if you want to come party hardy with us again, for free, then meet us there!

We love you all in the best ways possible and really want to make sure that you understand how much it means to us when you come out to see us!

Enjoy your EPs and see you at the shows,


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