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WD-Han EP Release Show!

WD-Han's EP, Class Project Earth, is FINALLY here and we are ready to release it and rock out this night!! Are you??

- 9:00 PM

- Pangea Cafe (Downtown Clearwater)

- All Ages 

- NEW Music/Merch

- Price of Admission INCLUDES a copy of the EP!

Why you should go:

1. AWESOME music!

2. AWESOME people!

3. AWESOME food/drinks/place!

4. AWESOME EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you there, we <3 you ALL!

(P.S. Here are the definitions for EP and LP to help clear up any confusions!

EP - Extended Play - A CD with 3-7 songs on it designed to give you the taste of a band. This is called an extended play because it is one step up from a Single (which has 1-2 songs on it), and thus give a more extended look into the bands music.

LP - Long Play - A long play CD is a full album. It is designed to fully capture that bands period of growth. It can have as many songs as the band desires. HISTORY: LP's were originally all vinyl records that only spun at 331/2 revolutions per minute.)

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